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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Classic Massage 4 Handed Massage A classic massage is a full body massage that lets you feel relaxed, uplifted and also re-energised. Smooth & firm body Improves metabolism & circulation Reduction of cellulite and stretch marks Four hand massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others  movements Honey Massage Hot Stone Massage Chocolate Massage Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warm stones are positioned on parts of the body A honey massage has powerful anti- bacterial and anti-septic properties and can be used for very sensitive skin. A chocolate massage is therapeutic as  well as highly beneficial for the skin and far more than just a luxury  massage. Aqua Massage Anti-Cellulite Massage Tame-Out Massage The anti-cellulite massage is one of  the best ways to release your body  from the nasty chains of cellulite. This massage is performed face up on  warm water cushions. It can be oiled  massage type. The tame-out massage is a seated  massage, which grants quick  relaxation that usually takes 5-30  minutes.